Milena Plebs is a tango choreographer, teacher and dancer. Together with Miguel Zotto, he was a member of the Broadway Show “Tango Argentino” company by Segovia and Orezzoli for four years. With Zotto they created the “Compañía Tango x 2” and their shows “Tango x 2”, “Perfumes de Tango” and “Una Noche de Tango”. She is performer, choreographer of the documentary “Milena dances the tango… with Ezequiel Farfaro”.
In 2009 she created the show “Tramatango”. Also in 2009 and 2010 she held the seminars “The Choreographic Creation”, open to the public, during the World Tango Championship. Milena is an Honorary Academician of the National Academy of Tango and winner of the 1991 María Ruanova Prize.
She conducts research and talks about the evolution of Tango-Dance. Milena was a columnist in the magazine El Tangauta in 2006 and 2007. Milena Plebs’s Background Milena & Fernando Carrasco Tango Milena & Demián García Tango Milena & Demián García Milonga Milena & Sebastián Jimenez Vals