Serena Lembach Serena is excited to DJ at SMATF for the second time.
She has been dancing for 12 years and djing for 10. “The secret is in the music. Become intimate. Know it like a lover. Then you can fully give yourself to your partner, and the dance.”
Serena has DJed frequently in San Diego, and was the house DJ for Milonga Toca Tango for years as well as other milongas and practicas there. She’s Djed 3 times for Earth Virtual Milonga during the pandemic, to festivals and milongas from Chicago, to Salt Lake City, Utah, & Rosarito Mexico. Guest DJ for workshops in the OC, to Tucson, Az.
She happily DJs alternative milongas, but her greatest love is traditional music. I’m always looking to inspire dancers to love dancing, with a mix of dramatic, smooth, and rhythmic music; inspiring and passionate compositions as danced by your favorite professionals.