Koichiro Suzuki earned his Master’s Degree in Music Performance at Duquesne University and has performed Euphonium internationally since 1996. Koichiro incorporates his complex music background and deep understanding of musicality into his DJing. He is the founder of the annual Pittsburgh Tango Fierro Marathon & Festival in Pittsburgh, PA, and has DJ’ed in many cities in the United States, Argentina, Canada, Cyprus, Mexico, and Japan. In this year 2022, Koichiro DJed for the “Milonga La Pantera (Charlotte, NC) ” Toronto Tango Marathon (Toronto, Canada) “Austin Sprig Tango Festival (Austin, TX), and Spoleto Tango (Charleston, SC). After Toronto Tango Festival (Toronto, Canada ), he will DJ at the Windy City Tango Festival (Chicago, IL). Huston Tango Marathon (Huston, TX), Columbia Tango Marathon (Columbia, SC), Boston Tango Marathon, South East Tango Festival (Charlotte, NC), Ann Arbor Tango Marathon (Ann Arbor, MI), and 4th Holiday Tango Weekend (Dallas, TX) among other events. In 2023 Koichiro was invited to DJ Toronto Tango Marathon (Toronto, Canada), Miami (Miami, FL), and Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) Koichiro lives in Pittsburgh PA, where he teaches tango and DJs regularly.